To the depths. Where there is no return. The darkest of wood. That’s where I’m headed. It could be the copious amount of heroin I intravenously consumed. It could be the clouds of meth smoke pouring from my lungs every 23 minutes. It could be the girl that just shattered my blackened brittle heart. It could be that I belong in the depths. Drowned in darkness. That’s definitely where I belong. Alone. The void is calling me. The void had always been calling. Four grams of heroin a day filled that void. I’m on the fast track now. There’s no stopping me. I can’t turn back. I don’t want to turn back. This stainless .44 magnum won’t let me turn back. It’s going to fit nicely in my dope dealers mouth. While I take everything he has. Everything. I’ll take his fucking shoelaces and tie-off with them, fuck it. I’ll head to the darkness with enough heroin and meth to off myself a hundred times over. I’m going to bury myself in disgust. Subconsciously, I hope my dope dealer tries to pull a fast one on me. I want to put the barrel to his skull and blow his fucking brain all over his ugly ass girlfriend. We’ll see. I want everyone to try me. That way I can go deeper. Shove this blood stained needle into my arms and my neck until the tip breaks. Just give me a reason. 


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